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It offers the ease of primary spying with 15 features under its name. But the app is pricey as compared to the features it offers and has disappointing customer support. Spymaster Pro is compatible with up to iPhone 7 only. It does not support any later models of the iPhone. Another limitation of this app is that it cannot be installed on any jailbroken device.

You would need iCloud credentials of the target phone to monitor it. Spymaster Pro offers only one package for iPhone with all the features it can offer. The package can be subscribed for monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscriptions. It offers multiple device functionalities. You can monitor up to 3 devices under one subscription. But the app only operates if the iPhone is jailbroken.

Top 8 Best iPhone Spy Apps

Though they guide you about jailbreaking, this still complicates its usability and increases your expense. Though the app is compatible with iPhone, nothing has been mentioned about its compatibility with iOS versions.

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It only mentions that the app can only be used on Jailbroken iPhones. The second limitation is that it needs physical access to install the app on the target iPhone. Currently, it is offering three following plans:. Xnspy offers an extensive list of features for its users. After you install Xnspy on an iPhone, you can access call history, contacts, iMessages, WhatsApp messages, calendar appointments, multimedia files, bookmarked webpages, browser history, location history, and much more.

You need to purchase one of the subscription plans offered by Xnspy. Xnspy offers two subscription plans, which include Basic Edition and Premium Edition. Since the Premium Edition offers more features, it is slightly expensive than the Basic Edition. To subscribe to Xnspy, select the plan that you want to purchase. Agree to the Terms and Conditions.

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Provide the billing details to place your order. You will then receive an email confirming your subscription. You start with logging into your Xnspy account using the credentials sent to your email account. Select the iOS no-jailbreak and then select the iCloud setup. Enter the iCloud credentials Apple ID and password. If the two-factor authentication is enabled on the device, you need to provide the 2fa code. Select the device that you want to monitor. Select Finish to complete the installation process.

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All iOS devices are compatible with the app, including 6. The iOS devices compatible with the app include iPhones and iPads. To install the app on an iPhone, you do not require physical access to the device. To monitor the device remotely, you only need the iCloud credentials, including the Apple ID and the password. However, if the two-factor-authentication is enabled on the device, you require physical access to the device for installation.

Home top 10 iphone spy apps. Compatibility One of the many reasons why Xnspy iPhone spying app is at the top of this list is its eclectic compatibility with iPhone.

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Basic Premium The two packages are available for monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscriptions. This iPhone 11 Pro spy app offers compatibility with new and old iOS versions. It is affordable when compared with other cell phone spying apps. Features like remote call and ambient recording, remote device lock, data wipe, etc.

Cons Kik messages can only be accessed on the No-Jailbreak version. Rating: 9. Buy Now. FlexiSpy FlexiSpy is among the top spy apps for cell phone monitoring. Compatibility The app is compatible with the device that supports iOS 9. Price FlexiSpy has two subscription plans for iOS devices.

Pros Offers the most number of features Allows the user to monitor multiple devices at the same time Cons Subscription plans are expensive Need physical access to an iPhone for installation Cannot be installed on the latest iOS devices Rating: 8. Compatibility As far as the compatibility with the iPhone is concerned, mSpy is compatible but it would require you to jailbreak your iPhone before installing it.

Price Like Xnspy, mSpy also offers two different packages on the basis of features. Basic Premium These packages have been divided into monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscriptions. Spyzie Spyzie is another reliable spying app in the market with several features under its name. Compatibility The app is compatible with the iPhone. Price This is perhaps its major attraction. Pros This iCloud spying app be without installing the software Location tracking features are accurate It is affordable Cons It lacks advanced features on the iPhone.

Highster Mobile Highster offers all the major spying features but lacks the compatibility with the iPhone. Compatibility The app is compatible with all iOS versions. Price Price is higher than its competitors. Pros The interface is responsive and user-friendly. The app also offers a day money back guarantee. Cons The app does not have a call recording feature.

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It is one of the most popular spyware apps for iOS and here are the reasons behind its popularity. Whenever you decide to use a spyware, security comes to first place. TheTruthSpy uses a secure way for storing the data from targeted iOS device and hence it is widely accepted by the users. Technical support is essential whenever it comes to spyware. TheTruthSpy provides excellent technical support for the users for a pleasing experience on the platform.

It is very simple and you just have to sign up and then log in and you can access the targeted device anytime, anywhere. Present business scenario indicates a highly competitive environment and TheTruthSpy comes with a reasonable price tag that drags the attention. Phone Tracker is one of the most powerful and non-intrusive spyware for iOS in The mobile spy app comes with an all-in-one solution for spying on your workers, kids or anyone else in an effective way.

Phone Tracker is emerging as one of the most popular mobile spyware as it offers advanced spying solutions. There are different reasons behind its popularity and here are some advantages of Phone Tracker. Phone Tracker allows the users to access all calls and contacts of the targeted devices easily. Now accessing their calls and conversations is easier, the app additionally allows you check each and every call log in a reader-friendly manner.

Now get rid of various troubles and monitor your kids or loved ones anywhere and anytime. Access the chats, messages, social media messages with the help of Phone Tracker. If you are about to monitor your workers or children, it is important to be aware of their online activities. Phone Tracker allows you to go through the emails and other online activities from the targeted devices. Phone Tracker supports Global Positioning System and it will help you know the actual location of the targeted device. You can also check the location history by using this feature. Whenever you monitor someone, it is important to check the files on their devices.

Phone Tracker allows checking and downloading the data from the targeted device. Moreover, you can also control the device with remote commands from your device. Phone Tracker comes with a unique feature of live recording. Now spy on the targeted devices and listen to their conversations on the phone and in real life. Phone Tracker offers an advanced remote control feature with their app.

Now you can send remote commands to the targeted devices. You can get instant alerts whenever the several specific words are used on the targeted devices. Now you can control and protect your loved ones from real-world abuse with such advanced features. Whenever you discuss the most efficient spyware for iPhone and iPad, GuestSpy comes at the first queue. GuestSpy comes with advanced security and numerous features that make it reliable spy software for iOS devices. If you are looking for an effective monitoring solution, make sure to check the features of this app.

Accessing the messages and details of the calls are important when you are spying on someone. Now get the details of call logs and messages from the target devices with the help of GuestSpy. You can also control calls and messages from your devices at the same time.

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But how do these apps work? After this is done it is only safe to assume that spying on the device at hand is not a problem. The availability of the device that you wish to spy on is a different matter. As we mentioned before some apps are better suited at this task than others because the applications like Mspy can gather data so they can be sent at a later time. The information received is accurate and rarely has any corruption.

While on the other hand applications like Mobilsespy sent information instantly as you request it but the fact that the information sometimes ends up corrupted can turn some customers the other way. When it comes to the top 10 iPhone spy apps, the legality of it is not the issue.

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There are a couple of simple rules that you should be aware of. If your children are using an iPhone that has been registered to your name, you do not need to inform anybody that you have installed spy software on the device.

But if you want to spy on our co-workers and employees for business reasons or their safety, they need to be notified of the existence of the software on their iPhone. We advise you to consider explaining the situation to anybody that is using a device that you installed spy software on, it will clarify a lot of questions and make them feel safer about the entire situation. A great deal of testing has been done to bring you this list and the review on the top 10 iPhone spy apps. But at the end some apps stood up more than the others.

But the final decision is for the customer to make, we have made this list so you would have to do the research online for yourself. Hopefully we saved you a lot of time and money if your effort to make your children safe or to make your business more profitable. Spybubble Review WebSite. Mobile Spy Review WebSite.