How to not cheat on your wife

That should curb your appetite for destruction.

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Because we have never been on that grass, we assume it must be better than where we currently stand. In fact, though it may look greener from a distance — once you get there and make yourself comfortable, something interesting happens — the grass changes color. This usually happens soon after you get caught. The best way to enjoy green grass is to water your own yard.

Would you want this done to you? Think about this action as if it were being done to you. In the heat of the moment, cheating appears to make sense.

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It feels good and sometimes even feels right. Feelings are deceitful. Soon afterward, your eyes will be opened and you will regret that you ever partook of the forbidden fruit. Why add another one — particularly one that can only destroy everything you have worked so hard to build?

Your home may not be perfect but it sure beats living in a tent.

She gave me an ultimatum: get out or get help. I chose the latter. Here's what happened.

No one ever says from their deathbed, I wish I had an affair. No one loses dear friends and is glad they have one less Christmas card to receive this year. The loss is immeasurable. The pain can be unbearable. Entire kingdoms can be lost for a few minutes of pleasure. It is just not worth it. In November , I looked in the mirror and did not like what I saw. I did not like who I had become. I was finally at the point where I was willing to admit the dark side of my soul.

Days later, I confessed to my wife and children and church that I had been unfaithful during my marriage. Needless to say, it was the most difficult series of conversations I have ever had in my life. There is no pain like watching people you love sob in tears because of your selfish actions. Within one year, I had lost everything dear and precious to me. The 14 points above come from an extremely painful personal experience.

Over the last four years, I have had to learn how to tear down my emotional walls — walls that assisted me in getting in trouble in the first place. I have come to understand the problem with pedestals and have wrestled with the mechanics of forgiveness, even forgiving me.

How to not cheat on my girlfriend

As difficult as it is, I now embrace my past and appreciate the many regrets. They have become precious to me. As a result of my actions, I have accumulated many scars and now try to learn from each and everyone of them. God is still here, even if others are not. Click on Mr. The novel helps readers find healing after severed relationships. Alabama Irish , the sequel to The Mason Jar , is now available. Buy it now! This coming of age love story teaches readers the necessity of honesty and openness in the pursuit of loving, long-lasting relationships. This article has helped me a lot.

Thank you so much for sharing. I thought I wouldn't get caught. I thougnt she would forgive me if I did.

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I thought I would forgive myself and it wouldn't change me or affect my standing. My life is in bits. I have been in hell for months and even if everyone else were to forgive me I don't know how I will ever forgive myself. As for the person I cheated with - well she's gone from seeing a suave married guy breaking the rules to seeing a snivelling wretch begging forgiveness from his wife and throwing her under a bus. It was not worth it. If there are problems in your marriage fix them.

If you can;t fix them then man up and move out so your partner can move on with someone who loves them. Regardless if you believe in a god or not, cheating is wrong period.

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When you make some kind of commitment to someone and you break it you are always going to be looked upon as a liar. No matter how much you try there will always be that one person who brings it up and rightfully so because forgiveness isn't letting it go. Because if no one brings it up at some point you will start to slip back into old ways and try it again.

There truly are NO gray areas in these types of situations. Either you are a faithful and good person or you are not. Great article, the sad part is that no matter how much people, or common sense, or articles like this will tell you not to do it, the cheater will do it anyway. It is like drug addiction, just telling a person not to do drugs wont make that person stop doing it unless some horrible, life changing event take place. The only way to understand it is by going through with it, getting caught only then the explanation of why you shouldn't cheat will materialize in your head, I am the cheater, I cheated on the love of my life, I knew better not to and I still did it, I will not go in to the details of what happened, but the aftermath was devastating, lets just say, now I am left alone, without my beautiful and wonderful girlfriend, no friends, not future, I will turn 32 on Christmas and I will be alone in my lonely apartment, celebrating third of my life wasted on a one night thrill.

I destroyed my girlfriend with that act, I finally realized what I actually had with her, we had a good future ahead of us. No I am just a lonely scumbag in a very dark place in my life. Me metal state is detreating, I am having constant heartaches, my guts in constant pain, my balls are hurting, my body is in constant pain and shock, I feel more worthless now than I did before, I was always insecure despite major blessings in my life Tall, good-looking, good job, education , I am a walking zombie, I go to work only because I need to make money, I socialize only because I have to get through basic need of human communication to express myself, in reality I am an empty shell of my old self, suicide thoughts almost on daily bases, even though I am not going to do it, but my brain racing from thoughts and guilt, that the only way to stop is by bashing my head against the wall.

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What else My wife and I are having some major problems in the area of sex. Among many reasons and issues, she just never wants to. I've been in contact with a fling from the past and so far it's moved forward through every stage of adultry minus the act of cheating which is right around the corner and I am so scared. I love my wife and I know how wrong it is and this article has definitely brought me back to earth in reminding me what I will lose. I will fight to fix this. Thank you for sharing your experience, it has helped me more than you know. I wish you all the best, JRL. Tempted and fighting to hang in there.

Thank you for such a persuasive and well composed essay. This is great. I'm a woman, I haven't cheated and I'm married. I don't want to cheat and have sex with someone else. I wanted to kiss someone else, to feel the passion and excitement again. But thank you, because of this article I decided not to do anything. To be honest, I was going to cheat on my wife and was extremely tempted, I talked to a colleague of mine and we were to visit in the office early morning tomorrow before everyone arrives to "talk". I love my wife and don't wanna cheat on her. This article helped me a lot. Appreciate it.

People cheating in relationship just because they find someone more beautiful girl or handsome guy. Or Find someone more financial strong Or Lack of physical intimacy in relationship this will be the main important reasons people cheating in relationship. Hiding your finances from your partner is definitely a form of cheating. Watching your favorite show without your partner will end in disaster! Netflix cheating occurs when one partner watches a show before the other.

And sure, you may be thinking, how hard is it to simply wait for your significant other to get home before going ahead in your favorite series? Well, pretty darn hard. Do your relationship a favor and wait for your partner to come home before watching Netflix. You could say Netflix cheating has become a worldwide epidemic. This form of infidelity, albeit more hilarious and less intentionally hurtful, can really be the wedge that drives a couple apart — at least when it comes to couch time.

Emotional cheating may be worse than physical. For some people, having an emotional affair is even worse than a physical one. Emotional cheating comes in many different forms. At a certain point, your relationship is no longer platonic. Be careful with your words.

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The weight of your words, however, can carry a heavy burden.